Exhibition opening: Friday, June 9, 2023 (until June 18), from 6 pm, La Felce.
Opening hours: Mon-Fri, 5 to 7 p.m., Sat & Sun, 3 to 8 p.m.
La Felce, Senefelderstraße 3, 50825 Cologne, Germany
Finissage: Sunday, June 18, 2023, starting at 6 p.m

Javkhlan Ariunbold, Blanca Barbat, Friedrich Boell, Manuel Boden, Gina Bojahr, Thilo Brämer, Saioa Fischer Abaigar, Alexandra Hennig, Kim Yong Hyeok, Julia Jesionek, Sayaka Kuramochi, Ella Kühn, Hojin Lee, Juho Lee, Tongtong Li, Mary Mikaelyan, Vanessa Monti, Kyuwon Moon, Nikolas Müller, Lia Sáile, Nathan Schönewolf, Tobias Schulenburg, Hyunji Seo, Seylee, Zoe Wrede.

[EN] Press Text:

The Secret Garden has moved on and changed its language – the snakes and birds are now hissing and chirping in Italian “Giardino Segreto”, “Secret Garden”. Maybe because the exhibition that has arisen out of the seminar “Kolloquium” held by Prof. Johannes Wohnseifer at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne takes place at the gallery La Felce (English: the fern).

It will be cosier than before, and with more prosecco ordered in advance, because, after all, the exhibition is a living, learning organism. So, there’s a lot to look forward to, including, of course, the contents of the exhibition. So far the garden has featured: a lot of figurative stuff, also a lot of pink and rose, bodies, a head (from the inside (a guess)), markings, a medium-blue bush, a dark-blue sky (in front of it: bushes), glossy stuff, metal (literally and more in terms of content), people holding coffee cups and their heads, glasses made of tears, photorealistic hands pointing at corners, squares, cloud- and water-like stuff, abstract stuff, blue, a fur mask, a boat, and, and, and… It’s obvious: The garden is doing its own thing, it’s blooming and thriving, and will once again reveal its secrets while at The Fern. Lucky all those who will have the time to linger in it.

The exhibition is part of La Felce’s Advantage Book series – there will also be a publication on the exhibitions at a later date.

Wikipedia defines a “giardino segreto” as a certain type of garden built in the Renaissance and late Renaissance in Northern Italy. However, this information only exists as a German Wikipedia entry, not as an Italian one. Nice though: “When designing these ‘secret gardens’, great emphasis used to be put on carefully worked out, small details […]” – sounds promising.