3 HD-videos, black and white, loop, stereo, 9’45”
Night vision footage, Mexico border. Source: youtube

Based on civil and military footage of border control cameras these digitally altered videos depicting crossings at the Mexico/USA border (North-/South America) and Melilla border (Africa/Europe) focus on the actual act of frontier crossing itself.

Various degrees of pixilation through gif-algorithm compression, reduced to pure black and white images, ‘resect’ the individuals out of their specific context, floating on black – alluding to 8-bit computer games – deconstructing the scene to its basic movements, dynamics and shapes, turning it into an abstract choreography of white pixilated abstract figures in motion.


Refugee Route, Athens Photo Festival, Benaki Museum, GR, 2016
Borderlines, Athens Photo Festival, House of Cyprus, GR, 2015
Borderline, Hans Reh Gallery, Vienna, AT, 2014 (S)

museum view, REFUGEE ROUTE, Athens Photo Festival, Benaki Museum, Athens, GR, 2016
Video-extract, 3’