site specific intervention, sand, Studio for Artistic Research, Düsseldorf, DE, 2021

Two sand forms on the ground reflects the size and outline of two windows that have been closed in the studio to create a white cube. The big window is 2,20m x 1,50m H and the small window is 1m x 1,50m H, their mirror stars exactly at the same distance of the wall on the ground. The closed windows are usually re-opened. German and Arabic text appears as a sand relief on the side of the window sand shadows, referring to the light that once came through the openings. The final words and their Arabic version has been translated 300m outside of the space in a Libanese restaurant by a kind staff, bringing the outside Arabic and Turkish community of the area to the space. As visitors roam around the exhibition, partly not seeing the sand work, the sand is slowly spread across the room.


A Warehouse, Studio For Artistic Research, Düsseldorf, DE, 2021