HD-video, black and white, loop, stereo, 5’28”

The video documents extracts of a road trip from Cairo, the Egyptian mega city with 9 million people, to the white desert, 5 hours away. The aesthetics of the video of a fast succession of the stony desert landscapes resemble visual noise.

Preferably installed in off spaces, the screenings ranged from backstage areas, hidden away in storerooms as well as in foyers and entrance halls.


Marcel Zaes – sound


Art project WUESTEN by artists Nela Adam, Marcel Zaes, Anna Schoelss.


Prairie Urbaine, Orbital Garden, Bern, CH, 2014
WUESTEN, Schwere Reiter, Munich, DE, 2013
WUESTEN, Tojo Theater, Bern, CH, 2013


Interspace on Vimeo