HD video, loop, 7’50, stereo, 2013

Line is a collection of video clips using the world wide web as a source to approach the diverse topic  of border lines.
Using googlemaps, google earth, googlestreet and private youtube footage from civil border patrols, that freedom to roam the word virtually is utilized to visit borders and barriers installed all over the world. Using special programs to virtually re-create a digital drive along the walls (Belfast Peace Line, Northern Ireland and West Bank wall, West Bank/Israel) via googlestreet or screen capturing googlemaps along physical barriers between Mexico and the USA as well as showing unmarked, ‘invisible’ borders, the human construct ‘border’ is juxtaposed with the digital, virtual ‘freedom’ to wander from one place to another.


Borderline, Hans Reh Gallery, Vienna, AT, 2014 (S)
Politoys,, New York City, USA, 2013 (S)

Video still 1
Exhibition view, POLITOYS,, NYC, USA, 2013
Exhibition view, BORDERLINE, Hans Reh Gallery, Vienna, AT, 2014